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July 14 2009 -

Old Iron Sides now has 43 flights and still going strong. It also picked up two more awards this past spring, "Best electric" and "Best of show" at the warbird meet at the local field. I dropped a load of bombs during the meet and lost them all in the tall weeds.

I've got pretty comfortable flying the B-24. I'd say it flies as well as my Gold edition Topflite P-47, goes where I point it, easily controllable through the entire flight envelope, is capable of beautifully slow greased landings (which is much easier on the landing gear), handles wind very well and never a hint of tip stall, in fact it doesn't stall at all, the glide path just gets steeper if the airspeed gets too low. On landings I use no flaps if very windy, half flaps if slightly windy and full flaps if no wind.

This past winter I made a few improvements, I re-did the bomb bay door cabling (35 ft of 1/16 cable sheathing!) so all four doors could open using one servo, moving the large servo ahead of the CG and added two micro servos and a mechanisms to hold and then drop the bombs. I wanted to be able to stuff the bombs into the bays without turning the aircraft over and it kind of works but needs improvement, some bombs get stuck, some drop when the doors open. I'm going to get the bomb drop working good because it's such an integral part of a bomber. Also I replaced the two air cylinders that I was using for the ball turret and skid with micro servos placed ahead of the CG. With everything moved ahead of the CG and some excess weight removed from the tail end I was able to remove 9 oz. of dead weight from the nose. It can carry a 1/2 pound bomb load with little effect on performance and the bomb bays can hold 16 simulated 500 pounders.

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Updated July 14, 2009