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9/25/06- Old IronSides was invited to fly at the EBRC invitational air show on the 24th. It was a nice day except for a kind of strong crosswind. I thought about not risking her but decided the winds weren't bad enough to abort and the show must go on. She flew beautifully and was a crowd pleaser. I was able to make several low passes, a touch and go and a perfect 3 point landing and taxy back to the pits for engine shut down. Perfect! She handled the crosswind like it wasn't even there.

10/22/06- Flew Flight #8 at the DVRC Club Electric fun fly. It was a great flight, no problems until I landed and ran off the end of the runway. The runway is on a slight hill and I didn't realize I was landing down hill. I used the nose wheel brake but didn't cut the motors off and didn't give down elevator. It did slow down but not before running off the end, literally . It was very disconcerting to see her go off the end of the runway and disappear. I thought it had gone off a cliff. At the end of the paved runway the dirt continues but goes down hill even more than the runway. Fortunately it was going slow at that point and it ran into some weeds and stopped before any real damage occurred. It snapped off the two nose guns and broke some wood on the nose wheel opening, probably the nose wheel got knocked into it, and bent the right main lower strut once again. Very minor damage. I plan on making the nose brake work when full down elevator is applied. It's just too many things going on after touchdown- drop the throttle trim, steer down the runway, move the rotating brake knob, apply down elevator and hold onto the radio. If I can do a mix and get the throttle to cut off, the brake full on and maybe full flaps when I give full down elevator I think that should work better. I never use full down elevator in flight so it should work OK.

It taught me a good lesson about flying at strange airfields. I should have checked it all out better and talked to the people who fly there to find out what to look out for and what to avoid. I got some good advice after the flight! During landing I was told to land from the right but ignored the advice because of power lines that appeared to be in the way of a long right approach and a slight bias towards left approaches so I came in from the left and landed down hill.

12/20/06 - Have not flown again since 10/22. due to weather and my schedule. I mixed the brake channel to the elevator so that when I give down elevator it puts the brake on. I did that because I found that when I land and the beast is rolling fast down the runway towards the end and i'm steering and trying to get my finger on and turn the brake knob at the top of the transmitter, there's too much going on. It would be easier to just give down elevator. This is also the nose brakes last chance. If I can't get this thing to stop consistently then I'm going to have to spend the money and get brakes on the mains.

12/30/06 - Got in flights 9 & 10 today. A beautiful day, sunny & around 57 F with virtually no wind. I got to try the bomb drop and it worked great. The bombs fell out just fine although I don't get to really see them since I still have to fly. From what I heard, the bombs could be a little heavier since they fluttered a bit on the way down but they did hit cap first and sounded good. It's nice to finally be dropping something and that finishes up 2006 with a bang. Both flights went perfect. No problems at all, the brakes worked fine and the gear didn't bend. I'm happy for a very successful year for Old IronSides and look forward to many flights in the future.

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