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The Office


The seats are styrene, balsa and card stock. They just need cushions and paint. The center console is balsa with styrene parts.


Ready to go in. The instrument panel is only a picture with styrene steering yokes, I started making a panel but stopped quick when I realized I didn't need to. I couldn't make one that looks as good as the picture of one and at 1/12 scale, with the canopy on, it looks great. I used pieces of beer can for name plates, the switches and throttle levers made from pins. The seat cushions are balsa. I dry brushed on some flat white to give them a worn look.

The office! I also used pictures of the cockpit sides. It took about 6 hours to build


I decided to finish off the wings so I can put the whole thing together on the wheels and get a picture. I painted the wheel well and flap area interior green.

4/7/06 - Worked on getting the wings finished. The ailerons went on first. I installed the aileron servo and then put the aileron on and cut the hinge rod off at the wing tip and glued it in with a dab of CA. I thought about making the hinge rod easy to remove but then I'd have to worry about it coming out. The flaps and flap servo went on next and then onto the landing gear. It's nice to install everything for the last time. All machine screws are locktited and screwed down tight.

The gear doors gave me the most trouble to put on because the wire holding them needs to get bent a bit to get where it needs to be and I kept breaking the glue bond or worse, I broke the wood mount a couple times but eventually I got them on and they're working fine. I opted to not put on the side brace yet. I'm going to wait until after the first flights since the side braces are for looks only.

4/8/06 - Putting the motors on.

I cut down the motor mounts mostly for air flow but it took about a half ounce of weight off each one. The firewall was notched for mounting the ESC. I glued in some balsa and mounted the ESC with double back foam tape. I added 11" to the outer ESC to receiver lead and 7" to the "Y" connector out to the receiver lead to get the ESC line out of the wing.

The motors go on. I made motor extensions from some hickory that I have.


The battery slides in through the supercharger opening. The superchargers are held in with rare earth magnets.

4/11/06 - Now is the time for the windows that I can reach from the bomb bay to go in. I glued the first couple of windows in with CA. I used foam safe CA so they don't get frosted but there was too little room for mistakes so I switched to Weldbond which cleans up with water.

Well there's not much left but the list still seems long but I have to tackle the bomb bay doors and get them working. I'm using a cable system for all four doors, four cables per door that all attach to a central lever system as shown on the Bomb Bay page.

I started by installing the lever shaft and then cut 8 upper and 8 lower cable guides and CA 'd them in. I glued the ends of the guide to cross pieces with CA but that was too fragile so I drilled holes in scrap wood, glued those to the cross pieces and put the guides through the holes. Should have done that first!

4/13/06 - I thought I would be completely finished by now but everything always takes longer than I think it will. I was trying to get it finished to bring to the club meeting but had to settle for getting it looking finished. I gave up on the BB doors for now so I can get the turrets on, the nose gear in and the chin window and top bubble window glued on.

4/25/06 - I was planning on putting the air fill valve and the receiver switch in the bomb bay but a quick test showed it would be a hassle to access them there. The top turret was a pain to put in and take out because the servo mounted from inside. Then it hit me- I could solve both problems - I made the top turret into a hatch and put them in there. I countersunk rare earth magnets into servo arms, mounted one to the turret and the other on the servo and presto! a great hatch and a easy to mount turret.

Next up is getting the bomb bay doors finished.

I don't think I'll press to get 6 flights in before the I.M.A.A. festival in May (six weeks away) so I can fly it there, so I'll relax a bit and take my time to finish everything up.

5/6/06- I've finally got the bomb bay doors working! Go to "Bomb Bay Doors" page for update on bomb bay door installation.

Next up is proving that this thing will fly but I will take it to The Rally of the Giants I.M.A.A. festival at Castle AFB the Memorial day. I can't think of a more fitting debut for "Old Iron SIdes" than an Air force base on Memorial day. I only wish it would be flying there but my gut tells me to not press for that so it will be there for static display only (this year!).




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