Engine Nacelles

12/15/04 - 4 hours

The original plan was to glue the nacelles to the ribs but I thought more about it and decided to glue the nacelles to the sheeting only since it will get glassed anyway. It will be plenty strong.

Some of the other things I did today;

12/18/04 - 1 hour

I made some new nacelle pieces from 1/8" lite ply which will save about 3 oz. total.

12/27/04 - 4 hours

So far the nacelles are going slow like everything else. Because of problems with the plans as usual I have to measure and check, scratch my head, measure again and and then cut the pieces out and dry fit and adjust. One major problem with the plans is that they don't match each other exactly. If I measure the top view, it's different than the side view which is different from the front view so it's either pick one or average the three. They are usually off by only a 1/16' or 1/32" but it makes you stop and think.

It also was good to re-cut the nacelle parts because, once again, the parts supplied by All American Kit Cutters were not very good. The bottom pieces had no edge that was straight which would not make a good box. I cut the new pieces on the table saw and used a quick jig to hold it square while gluing.

Holly cripes! the cowls are too big! What the ?#@#!. While building the nacelles I got the cowl out and found out that it is too long and slightly too big around. The cooling flaps make it that much too long. I will have to cut them off and cut new flaps from the cowl. This officially makes this the disaster build I was hoping to not get into at the beginning of this project. Everything made by others are no good. I know why veteran plan builders cut and build their own stuff. It would be a lot less frustrating. I talked with Stan's Fiber Tech about it and he got his cowl blank from Palmer. They didn't check against the plans and I am apparently the first one to get this far on the build or noticed that it was wrong or called Stan's. So instead of just fitting these to the nacelles I will need to do some major re-work on them and possibly in the future make my own, more scale, cowls.

12/28/04 - 2 hours

The firewall will be built in two pieces so I can get the fuel tank in or out. I like to be able to take stuff apart "just in case" and it's not hard to make it removable.
I cut N1 out just inside the rib box,aligned the two firewall pieces NFW & N1,stapled them together and drilled four 7/64 holes for 4-40 screws and then took out the staples, took them apart, re-drilled the N1 holes at 9/64" and put in blind nuts. The firewall is now ready for engine mounting. Next I glued the rib boxes to the N1's and then used a jig to align and glue on the N2's in their new places. I re-enforced around the firewall with angle stock. The plans

I also bought new Sullivan flex fuel tanks today since the Great planes 6 oz. tanks are too big. The new tanks fit great.


They are now ready to mount on the wing. I leveled the work bench and with the right wing upside down in it's shuck all I had to do was make sure the rib box bottom was level and glue it down.

12/29/04 - 2 hours

I cut new nacelle formers N3 & N4 and side spars from 1/8" balsa and glued them in. They were plywood but that's not needed so I made new ones. I also discovered that the side spars on the inner nacelle goes through the middle of the wing on the plan but I can't do that so I will sheet with out them.

12/30/04 - 4 hours

Sanded and ready for sheeting. I put a string through to the nacelle for the engine servo wires pull through.

I just had to stop and put the wings on and see it finally with the nacelles on. It won't be long before the engines are on.

The sheeting is going good but as always is slow and tedious. As I get a piece fitted I draw it's outline on a balsa sheet so the other side of the nacelle and the other wing will go faster.

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