The Rudders


Cut all the parts for both the Rudders today. The trailing edge is made from sandwiching 1/64" ply between 1/16" balsa so a sharp edge can be made and still have ding resistance.

This picture shows the ribs after sanding and before making the spar notches.



Spent about three hours putting together one Rudder. The Rudder and Elevator look great but what a hassle! And it didn't help that I cut a couple ribs too short and had to re-make them. Palmer had the lower ribs R6 & 7 shorter than the top two ribs R2 & 3. They should match to have a symmetrical rudder. I should have known by now to use as few rib drawings as possible since they are not drawn with extreme accuracy.


8/17/04 The second rudder only took 2.5 hours to frame up! I'm not sure where the time goes but there is a lot of parts.

8/18/04 - I used 3/4" by 1" balsa to fill out the Rudder tips and then added a 1/32" ply spine to keep them from getting broken. I sanded the tips to the right outine before sawing a slot for the spine. Glued it in with CA and then finished sanding the contour. Total tome spent on building two Rudders to this point; 8 hours! Maybe I should work faster!
I sanded the Fins outine and contour to clean them up a bit and cut the outline of the rear fuselage on the sides of the Turret. I plan on going over everything carefully before I fiberglass but for now it's good.

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Updated July 14, 2009