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9/27/05 - Added text and photos to Plastics chapter.
10/15/05 - Updated Plastics to include ball turret and also top turret photos.
- Added "Bomb Bay Doors" page
- Added "Finishing" page. A work in progress.
- Put a pictures of the B-24 in it's present stage on this page.

10/28/05 - updated "Finishing" page
11/11/05 - added page "project_P27.htm" to finishing pages

1/2/06 - Added "project_P28.htm" - Nose gear doors, brake and main gear struts

2/15/06 -
- Added "pages" to the "Finishing" pages
-Updated "Finishing page 3" - Nose gear door -added picture of finished doors
- Added "Finishing page 4".
- Added "Finishing page 5".

3/3/06 -
- Added the rest of the fuselage panel line work to "Finishing page 5"
-Added "Finishing page 6 ". The Fins get painted.

3/29/06 -
- Updated "Finishing page 6 " includes buying the power system
-Added "Finishing page 7 ". The rest of it finally gets painted and the power system gets installed

4/14/06 - Added the latest picture of Old Iron Sides posted on this page and the main page.

4/16/06 - Added "Finishing page 8 "

5/6/06 - - Added that latest bomb bay work to "Bomb Bay Doors" page
Updated "Finishing page 8 "

5/21/06 - Added "Finishing page 9 " to the Finishing pages

5/24/06 - Added " Flight " page with video of the Taxi Test

6/5/06 - Updated " Flight " page with video of the first flight.

6/9/06 - Added "Photo Gallery - the model" page. Contains photos from first flight day.

7/29/06 - Added Flight page 2

12/27/06 - Added flight #8 to Flight page 2
- added new info to Bomb Bay Doors page. The bombs are dropping!
- added Power Systems page. It consolidates the power system information.

9/27/07 - added 90th BG reunion photo page


In the beginning...

11/30/2003   - Ordered the cut kit from All-American Kit cutters. Due to the Christmas rush, I should get the kit in late January 2004. Ordered the cowls from Stan's Fiber tech and the vacuum formed parts from Nor-Ray Products as recommended on the plans.

1/05/2004 - So far I have the cowls and vacuum formed parts. The cowls look good although the air scoops are not as scale as I would have liked. The vacuum formed parts are; the canopy, top turret, tail turret (in two parts), the front bubble and some flat clear plastic for the fuselage windows.  I ordered an extra rear turret to use in the nose and will need to modify it to be an A-6 nose turret. It needs the wind proofing enclosure around the guns. The turrets seem to a cross between an A-6 and A-15. I am now trying to decide if I use one turret to make a plug and make a new one myself or modify the one I have. I haven't vacuum formed in many years but I think it would be fun so I'll probably do it.The tail turret plasticOne of the Cowlings

    I am also working a design for the bomb bay doors that will be as scale as I can get it. I need the bomb bay door mechanism and turrets pretty soon in the construction. My plan is to use plastic channel for the tracks and door runners.

1/9/2004 - All American Kit cutters cashed my check so they must be cutting it.

I built a mock-up of one of the bomb bays and bay door to develop a working scale door system that works and to my delight, it does.

Bomb bay mock-up - door openBomb bay mock-up -door closedMy original plan was to use aluminum, plastic or even brass to create the track but 1/32" ply worked best. Waxing the track helped the door slide easier. It needs a little refinement before it gets in the aircraft. I want it to be simple, reliable and scale. I used styrene 1/8" H column glued to the door panels then notched so it can curve. The doors will be solid sheet (scale) on the aircraft. The handles are for me so I can open and close it manually. I added the torque rod and arms (the arms can't be seen here) to work out the mechanism for moving the door.

2/13/04 - Received the kit from All-American kit cutters today and here is my assessment.

First the good:

  • All the sheet and strip stock is there and looks to be very good quality wood.
  • Everything is rubber banded or put in baggies.
  • All parts are labeled and sanded
  • The outlines are correct
  • Even the splices are cut, the wing saddle/faring is cut and the cockpit parts too.

Now the bad:

  • Notches aren't cut very well . Notches cut in some ribs appear to be off a bit. The top spar notch on the elevator ribs is not lined up with the bottom notch.
  • The short ribs for the elevator leading edge (ER 7A- 12A) are cut too long (easily fixed)
  • Stab ribs are plywood. They should be balsa (except SR-5)
    Stab & Elevator ribs should have been stack sanded.
  • Fin and rudder parts are missing. They gave me 1/4" sheet stock for the fin & rudders. I was disappointed.
  • up-date- Fin/rudder parts got here. Missing 2 FR1 ribs and both FR5's are cut with a curve. Oh well!


 I called Doug at All-American to let him know my findings and he was apologetic and said he will ship the Fin & rudder parts ASAP. Doug is one of the nicest business people I have ever dealt with. I'm still not sure why I got sheet stock for the Fin/Rudder but he will make it right and that's all that matters.

2/17/04 - Found another mistake by the kit cutter. The tops and bottoms of the fuselage formers were cut in half. Called Doug again and he will send new parts. Also found a mistake from the designer. The holes for the wing tubes are drawn in the wrong place on WR1. I'll need to move the holes but I'll do that when I build the wing.

I think they could have done better on the kit. I know that I could have done it better. I do like that all the wood is there and of good quality. I would go with Laser cutting if given the choice. Laser cutting would result in better notches and laser cut from CAD drawn plans would be even better.

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