Old Iron Sides flies again!


This site follows the construction and eventual flights of a radio controlled, 1/12 scale replica of

Old Iron Sides 
Serial #42-110053.
 Old Iron Sides
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The original B-24D plan (from Palmer plans) was modified slightly to create a B-24J. Other modifications to the plans will be noted on these pages. The radio controlled aircraft will have the standard controls of throttle, rudder, elevator & aileron and will also have retractable landing gear, brakes, fowler flaps, operating bomb bay doors and bomb drop.   I have to admit that before this project I didn't know much about the Consolidated B-24 Liberator besides the Davis wing and that it was the B-17's ugly cousin but found that the Liberator was anything but second class.  The Liberator had a rich and honored history with many to this day, old and young who revere it as a great aircraft!. The Jolly Rogers
U.S.A.A.F. 5th Air force - 90th Bomb Group                                    

The best damn heavy bomb group in the world.

  "No group of fliers since the Flying Tigers of China has ever emerged from the war with greater glory than the world famous Liberator unit . . . the JOLLY ROGERS. Month after month, since September, 1942, American newspapers and magazines have brimmed over with colorful stories about this most colorful of all B-24 outfits. Less celebrated Liberator units have complained that all these laurels fell to the JOLLY ROGERS because of their fascinating name and twin-tail insignia - a huge skull surmounting two crossed bombs. But the history of the JOLLY ROGERS tells its own story. No single heavy bomber unit in the Air Corps has ever claimed to beat the record of the JOLLY ROGERS in the number of enemy attackers shot out of the skies. Their bombing record has been acclaimed by the Men who ought to know . . . the men with stars on their shoulders in the Southwest Pacific." - From the original dust jacket of the book - The Jolly Rogers - The 90th Bombardment Group in the Southwest Pacific 1942-1944

Old Ironsides  -  053 - Old Ironsides is being built as a tribute to my uncle, Paul Glanville, his crew and all the men of the 90th BG. 
A 25 year old Captain Paul Glanville was in the 5th AF, 90th Bomb group, 320th Squadron. He flew B-24 Liberators in the Pacific Theater of WWII with his brave crew and has told me that Old Iron Sides was his favorite B-24 to fly. Smooth flying, easy on the controls and reliable. So that's the one it would be!
  The aircraft known as Old Iron Sides, serial # 42-110053, was revered by it's flight and ground crews. She flew over 1880 hours, 150 missions and went through three sets of engines. At 650 hours it got it's second set of engines. At 1350 hours it went through a complete overhaul and got another set of engines plus new turbosuperchargers. It also hadn't turned back from a mission until #117 where it had a defect so slight that it was ready for flight almost immediately.  The mechanics loved her and the combat crews looked forward to seeing their pilots name next to 053 on the briefing board. I have found a little information on Old Ironsides and only a few pictures so this project becomes even more important to keep the history alive. I have never come anywhere near what these guys went through and I hope I never do. For those who were part of it all, I'm honered to be able to fly a replica B-24 of the 5th Air Force, 90th Bomb Group, the "Jolly Rogers".

As information is uncovered about Old Ironsides I will collect and place it here in this web site. Anyone out there with pictures or information of Old Ironsides and would like to email to me, would be greatly appreciated. With many years of building and flying almost every type of model aircraft behind me and the enjoyment ahead of building and flying another warbird will help me get through the building of a four engine bomber and help keep Old Iron Sides making safe landings for many years to come. This aircraft will include some firsts for me. Although I have built many aircraft I have never built a multi-engine and I've never attempted to build from plans only. I usually stick to building kits but have built a few that have had very bad instructions and/or badly drawn plans so I think I will have no problem with this one. I just need to build it straight, strong, light and true to scale.To help keep the site clean and dedicated to the construction of the model I am not putting information here that could be found in other web sites and in better formats with more information than I could possibly put here. Just clicking on any colored hypertext you see on these pages will take you to a web page about that subject but won't take you away from these pages. The links are also on the resources and links page.If you have any questions, or advice about the project or web site feel free to email me, Mark Glanville.



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